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Integration of Assurance Tasks into Planned Maintenance Routines

Project goal

To review and identify job plans within the system that were related to performance standard activities and update the job plans to reflect the latest performance standards


FPSO Operator




5 Weeks

What We did

  • Extracted all assurance activities
  • Extracted all maintenance tasks from the client’s maintenance library
  • Mapped all maintenance tasks to assurance activities
  • Validated where they were correctly mapped
  • Enriched where necessary
  • Provided close out report detailing where gaps had existed, and how that gap had been closed
What We did

Significant Findings

  • A high number of assurance activities had no maintenance against them which meant safety critical equipment and thus Major Accident Hazards were not being consciously managed
  • Some assurance activities were covered by 2 or 3 maintenance tasks resulting in too much maintenance being applied
Significant Findings


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Assurance that safety critical equipment is being maintained and tested to prevent a major accident
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Assurance that the correct amount of planned maintenance is being carried out on safety critical equipment
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Reduced the burden of planned maintenance through rationalization and removal of duplicate maintenance activities
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"This project ensured all performance standard criteria had the relevant planned maintenance work orders in place to meet with the assurance task requirements."

Maintenance Manager, FPSO Operator

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