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Maintenance and Reliability Program Development

Project goal

To deliver an efficient and effective preventative maintenance program designed to assure safety, reliability, and plant uptime.


Ethanol Producer


Ethanol Plant


Indiana, USA

Why we were contracted

  • The plant was recently acquired by a new operator with significant goals to increase annual production.

  • The plant was experiencing significant unplanned downtime due to poor equipment reliability. They lacked an established reliability program and were in a state of reactive maintenance triggered by breakdowns.

  • To overcome these challenges, the client required support in moving from a reactive maintenance approach to a proactive preventative maintenance regime.

Why we were contracted

What we did

Conducted a CMMS and Maintenance Program Assessment

to identify current gaps and develop an improvement roadmap.

Developed a Maintenance Philosophy

through workshops with key site personnel to establish a framework for the maintenance and reliability program.

Developed a CMMS Data Standard

working directly with the CMMS provider to establish data consistency and usage of the CMMS.

Conducted a Physical Asset Verification

using ABL’s ePAVTM App to validate and update the equipment list and capture nameplate data.

Completed a Asset Hierarchy Build

using the updated equipment list and available engineering drawings.

Developed a Criticality Assessment Procedure

to establish a consistent method in conducting risk ranking of equipment.

Conducted Criticality Assessment

of all equipment through onsite workshops with key personnel.

Developed Maintenance Strategies, Job Plans and Maintenance Procedures

for load into the CMMS.

Conducted a Maintenance Execution Assessment

one year after the delivery of the program to assist with optimization and assess competency and execution of the maintenance by the personnel.

Benefits delivered

Assurance that all equipment

Assurance that all equipment

on the plant is accounted for in the asset register, enabling equipment to be managed and maintained, helping to ensure productivity and safety integrity of the plant.

Accurate criticality rankings

Accurate criticality rankings

will enable maintenance and spares to be assigned, prioritized, and executed effectively.

Enhanced and proper usage of the CMMS

Enhanced and proper usage of the CMMS

through the establishment of CMMS Data Standards and loading of a fully populated asset register, criticality, and optimized maintenance regime.

Increased reliability

Increased reliability

through optimized preventative maintenance, enabling the asset team to intervene at the right time, to avoid known failure modes.

Assurance of Maintenance Excellence

Assurance of Maintenance Excellence

by conducting an audit after implementation of the maintenance and reliability program.

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