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Maintenance Benchmarking and Optimization Study

Project goal

To rationalise the maintenance expenditure through a strategic roadmap for optimization and reduction of maintenance, whilst assuring the integrity of equipment


Onshore Gas Plant


2 Months


Caspian Sea


Our approach

We analyzed the client’s existing planned maintenance data and benchmarked the findings with best practice maintenance data across similar asset types, to identify immediate, quick win gains, as well as long term implementation improvements.

Our approach


Below is a summary of the challenges that the client faced prior to engaging with Add Energy:

  • Maintenance expenditure was extremely high
  • Corrective maintenance ratios were higher than planned
  • Significant reliability issues in relation to the equipment across multiple assets

How We Helped

An overview of our approach:

  • Data collection and review
  • Maintenance benchmarking
  • Engineering analysis and interpretation
  • Peer review with subject matter expert maintenance consultants
  • Identification of improvements
  • Impact assessment
  • Delivery of improvement roadmap based on ROI, effort and risk

Software Used

Aim-Hi™, Add Energy’s maintenance strategy benchmarking and alignment tool, analyzed the client's documentation and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) data.

The information analyzed included:

  • Maintenance strategies
  • Maintenance frequencies
  • Man hour utilisation
Software Used

Initial Findings

  • Extreme differences in application of maintenance frequencies and activity types across units
  • High number of PMs were unnecessary and too frequent
  • Disproportionate planned hours in task lists
  • No use of failure codes in failure reporting
  • High proportion of maintenance short text was wrongly allocated to equipment
  • SCEs with no PMs allocated
  • High percentage of maintenance recorded against locations had no object types
Initial Findings


  • 41 improvement changes identified
  • $7,100,000 saved in 6 months by removing unnecessary PMs
  • $20,000,000 saved in 1 year by rationalizing PMs and optimizing frequencies
  • Safety critical equipment now have PMs assigned

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