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Maintenance Strategy Alignment

Project goal

To deliver a suite of aligned maintenance strategies to ensure a common work execution strategy across the entire fleet of FPSOs


FPSO Operator




6 Weeks

Why we were contracted

  • The maintenance strategies for this equipment boundary were insufficient for the operating demand
  • The existing maintenance strategies were not inclusive of maintenance required to comply with legislation
  • The work instructions that were available were missing fundamental tasks

Why we were contracted

What we did

  • Identified the equipment requiring strategy alignment and optimization
  • Reviewed existing client data and documentation
  • Developed Maintenance Strategies
  • Workshopped the strategies with the maintenance team to attain relevant input and approval
  • Supported the load into the client's EDMS
What we did

Project benefits

AE Illustration Icon Set Thicker Maintenance Procedures

Detailed work instructions = better assurance that the maintenance is being executed correctly for better reliability and availability
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Definitive task durations and requirements for maintenance enabled more control over planning, scheduling, resources and budget
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Strategies are now aligned with legislation requirements and the corporate maintenance philosophy
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Man-hour estimates were rationalized in line with best practice
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The work completed on these maintenance strategies were applied fleet wide, assuring maintenance alignment across the business

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