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Planned Maintenance and Scheduling Optimization

Project goal

To reduce the amount of planned maintenance (PM) in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), to ensure that any unnecessary maintenance was removed, and remaining planned maintenance was planned, levelled and scheduled efficiently.


Drilling Rig


2 Months



What We Did

Add Energy benchmarked the scheduled planned maintenance (PM) against existing PM data from a similar asset type, within Add Energy's library of maintenance, to identify areas where PM’s could be removed from the maintenance schedule.

Add Energy’s senior consultants also “routed” the planned maintenance and scheduled the work orders to be executed per location, discipline, etc.

In doing this, Add Energy were able to reduce the amount of PM’s and associated man hours through smarter utilization of resources, time and logistics.


The PM optimization work completed by Add Energy:

  • Reduced the amount of work orders by 4,435, saving 5,476 hours over 1 year, giving a total cost saving of $609,134.00
  • Enabled 1,500 less work orders to be generated through nesting of 112 jobs

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