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Safety Case Support

Add Energy updated the Operator’s Safety Case for the five-yearly submission to the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP).

What We Did:

During the project Add Energy reviewed and optimized the existing safety case structure, through the delivery of:

  • A gap assessment
  • A Safety Case and ALARP workshop to review and re-rank hazards
  • An update Hazard Register
  • Updated MAE bowtie Diagrams
  • Formal Safety Case (FSA) Impact Technical Note
  • Updated safety case

The Deliverable:

  1. Safety Case and ALARP Review Workshop Report
  2. Hazard Register
  3. FSA Impact Technical Note
  4. Safety Case issued for use and submission to DMP

Project Benefits:

  • Determined the most optimal safety case structure aligned with their operations
  • Identified all possible hazards and risks
  • Provided clear processes on how risks are controlled
  • The involvement from the client's operational team allowed for team engagement which is critical for buy in and awareness of risks, hazards, and mitigation measures

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