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Supply of corporate maintenance strategies

Project goal

To align all operational facilities within their portfolio to a common, best-in-class maintenance standard and ensure all generic maintenance strategies are applied in an optimized and consistent manner


Oil and Gas Operator


Full operational asset portfolio


2 weeks


North America

Project synopsis

To achieve the company’s maintenance management alignment and optimization goals, Add Energy were contracted to deliver a suite of best-in-class generic maintenance strategies that could be utilized and applied across the client’s asset portfolio as a foundation for maintenance management excellence.

Project synopsis

Why Add Energy was contracted

  • Following asset acquisitions, and a review of the maintenance management regimes, it was identified that:
    • Each facility within the client’s portfolio had their own set of maintenance strategies, with different maintenance tasks, frequencies, job plans, crafts etc being applied
    • A proportion of equipment that did require maintenance had no maintenance strategies applied
    • Maintenance strategies were not addressing known failure modes
  • To ensure alignment to one consistent maintenance management approach, it was critical to implement a suite of optimized generic maintenance strategies for equipment operating under normal conditions (e.g., no special requirements, or operating contexts)
  • The client required a quick and low-cost solution to addressing their maintenance strategy gaps and challenges, therefore purchasing already optimized generic maintenance strategies from Add Energy’s Maintenance Library was a highly attractive solution to their problem
  • A lack of internal capability, in terms of competent resources and sufficient time also triggered the need to seek external support

What we did

  1. The client provided Add Energy with a list of equipment types they required maintenance strategies for
  2. Add Energy reviewed the list, and operating contexts and advised which equipment would be suitable for applying generic maintenance too
  3. The recommendations were presented to the client for review and approval
  4. Add Energy downloaded the required strategies from the maintenance library and submitted them to the client for review
  5. The client accepted the strategies and within days, 47 new and optimized maintenance strategies were uploaded and applied in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for use by the maintenance teams

The deliverables

AE Image Equipment 000

Advice on which equipment types would be suitable for applying generic maintenance strategies to

Maintenance Optimization Hero Image

47 generic maintenance strategies covering mechanical and electrical equipment types and materials for building BoMs


“Add Energy has provided our Reliability Organization with Equipment Strategies for mechanical and electrical equipment. These strategies showed to be very comprehensive, well organized, and contained material references that may serve to the elaboration of Bills of Materials. The pricing was well based and in no case high. These documents are now serving as templates for the revision or build of the new strategies in the field.”

Maintenance Manager, Oil and Gas Operator, Canada

Project benefits

A low cost, time efficient solution

A low cost, time efficient solution

Accessing tried and tested, and fully optimized maintenance strategies was key for achieving the desired results in a low-cost, time efficient manner

Unlocked time and budget for high value engineering

Unlocked time and budget for high value engineering

Eliminating the time and effort required to develop generic maintenance enables the maintenance team to spend their efforts on high value engineering tasks such as RCM for critical equipment, or RCA on problematic and unreliable assets

Instant maintenance coverage for the majority of equipment types

Instant maintenance coverage for the majority of equipment types

80% of the equipment types now have optimized generic maintenance strategies applied and the client has in hand the backbone of their maintenance strategies that they can use to roll out a maintenance programme

A strong foundation to build upon

A strong foundation to build upon

The client now has a strong foundation for building special maintenance for critical equipment or equipment operating in a unique environment that requires localized strategies (e.g., for equipment sub-types, manufacturer, model, etc), reducing the time and cost investment of doing this exercise later on

Alignment to one common maintenance approach

Alignment to one common maintenance approach

All facilities within the client’s portfolio are now aligned to one common maintenance strategy, ensuring all generic maintenance requirements are fully optimized and address the known failure modes

About Add Energy’s Maintenance Library

Through decades of developing and optimizing maintenance management regimes across multiple industries, worldwide, Add Energy has developed a comprehensive library of generic maintenance strategies that can be purchased off the shelf, providing a quick and cost-effective solution to maintenance management and reliability challenges.

About Add Energy’s Maintenance Library

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