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Zawtika Subsea Gas Development Feasibility Study

Why we were contracted

The client, had discovered a significant gas field offshore Myanmar and had defined a base field development case which first phase included an integrated production platform and a second phase which required one or more additional wellhead platforms.

The client wanted to thoroughly investigate an alternative second development phase which incorporated subsea wells rather than additional wellhead platforms.

Why we were contracted

What we did

Add Energy provided drilling, completions and subsea technology input to a study group led in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Perth, Western Australia. The study group produced a comprehensive evaluation of the subsea development option.

Add Energy provided all the drilling completions and subsea well input to this study and delivered the project using an in‐house developed model for scenario based drilling time and cost estimates and a landmark software for casing design and directional well planning.

Add Energy's work scope including the following main activities:

  • A detailed offset well review
  • Drilling and Completions design for subsea development wells
  • Well time and cost estimates, incorporating relevant technical contingency factors
  • Evaluation of optimum placement of subsea wells/clusters considering well and tie‐back costs and drilling technical challenges
  • Identification of well related risks and mitigation measures
  • Time and cost estimates for drilling and completions and also life of field well intervention
  • Input to the project master schedule

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