Well Integrity

We assess plans and activities relating to prevention and mitigation of uncontrolled flow from wells to protect life, assets and the environment.

Well integrity management system

We provide a complete description and content of a well management system compliant with applicable standards.

Well integrity assessments

We perform a technical integrity assessment of the well barriers and their components in order to categorize the wells and identify any necessary further actions.

Well integrity examination

We compare the well- , casing- and tubing design basis and work programs with the NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity standard, measure compliance and gaps and propose solutions.

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Well integrity investigations

Our team of specialist conducts a thorough technical investigation of an incident by means of interviews, assessment of reports and calculations to find the causes, which further enables the client to take actions to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

NORSOK D-010 Well integrity – 2 day course

Learn about the general principles of the two barrier concept, starting with drilling of the well, through well testing/completion and ending with abandonment.

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Advisors, specialists and consultants

We provide personnel to work as integrated members of our client’s team, in the office, on the rig or at the well site.


Terje Løkke-Sørensen

Chief Technical Officer
Well Integrity



Technical post-well investigation of planning and execution performance relating to plug and abandonment of a subsea exploration well were 28 rig days lost due to gas leak from the well.

What we did

We collected and analyzed data and conducted interviews to compare plans and execution performance versus requirements in the local regulations, Client’s Management system and the NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity standard.


The planned P&A design solution was compliant with requirements. The final well status was compliant with regulations, partially compliant with Client’s requirements and non-compliant with NORSOK D-010. Improvements to the Client’s Well Barrier Philosophy were suggested.