Well Kill Support

We deploy our expert advisory personnel on-site during blowouts and well control incidents. Our records of accomplishment count more than 70 incidents, including the Montara, Macondo, Elgin and the Porter Ranch blowouts.


With our portable version of OLGA®-WELL-KILL, we analyse blowout flow, kill point, pumping schedule, casing loads, kill fluid properties and volumes, temperature, pressure and other related parameters.

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Incident response

We advise operators, at the site or remotely, during planning and execution of well control operations. This includes diagnostics of the actual situations, the design of kill methods, resource requirements and supervision of kill operations.

Relief well support

We develop advanced relief well designs on actual intervention projects with details on spud locations, well trajectories, ranging strategies and intersection methods.

Watch the movie Dynamic Kill through Relief Well

The movie Dynamic Kill through Relief Well» gives a good insight into how a relief well is drilled and the engineering behind a dynamic kill operation. A hypothetical blowout occurs, with the rig pulling off location, thus leaving the add energy's well kill team with a dynamic kill through a relief well as the best kill method.


Morten Haug Emilsen

Senior Vice President
Well Control & Blowout Support



BP’s Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

What we did

add energy had a very central role in both the kill- and the investigation teams in BP’s headquarter in Houston. We performed dynamic simulations for the kill operations and provided very important input to BP’s investigation report.


The top kill and the dynamic kill operations relied 100% on input from add energy’s dynamic simulations.