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This week, Add Energy attended and presented at the 5th Annual Operational Excellence conference in Calgary.


During the 3 day event, Peter Adam, Add Energy’s EVP for Asset and Integrity Management, presented on “How to Fine Tune Your Asset for Peak Performance”. In his presentation, Peter discussed how to identify and invest in marginal gains that make a real impact on equipment availability and safety integrity. Peter provided an overview of how to use IS0 55000 as a foundation to reduce risk and identify opportunities for improvement to help focus budget for assurance in return of investment.

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The Pros and Cons of Maintenance Strategy Centralization

Aligning maintenance by building a suite of Planned Maintenance Strategies is a critical part of achieving maintenance excellence. In order for maintenance to be executed correctly, scheduled efficiently and budgeted effectively, it is important that Maintenance Strategies are aligned so there is a minimum standard of how to maintain common equipment types across similar applications.  

The alignment of Maintenance Strategies have a number of critical benefits but also some barriers to consider prior to implementing:

Benefits of Maintenance Alignment:

  • Assets can capture and share best practice maintenance
  • Allows you to analyze performance management through better consistency of KPI’s
  • Enables optimization of maintenance across the assets
  • Improves equipment integrity & reliability through a consistent technical justification
  • Personnel can be transferred between assets effectively and efficiently due to a common approach and standards to maintenance
  • Provides compliance with Corporate Standards across the assets (less audit effort required)
  • Facilitates the adoption of a common Maintenance Strategy template
  • Allows access to the “Big Picture” rather than individual Asset Groups
  • Facilitates the adoption of a common Document Control method
  • Creates a base line for benchmarking across assets to identify best practice and poor performance per equipment type
  • Highlights the areas where maintenance on similar equipment is executed differently
  • Identifies gaps in planned maintenance
  • Ensure that all maintenance activities align with departmental service delivery strategies
  • Identifies the areas where greatest benefit can be gained
  • Can act as a business case to attain budget for further investigation such as root cause analysis and PMO projects

Challenges to Maintenance Alignment

  • Ownership and management of strategies is taken away from the branch office and handed to the discipline specific technical authority
  • Resistance from assets who believe they have unique, best practice in place
  • Requires rigor in management of change and control of deviation processes
  • Requires significant effort and “buy in” from the asset based personnel to implement

It is clear that the benefits of maintenance strategy centralization outweigh the pitfalls, however it is important that you are aware of the challenges that you will likely come up against before you embark on this project.

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How to Quantify the Cost of Loss

Managing risk, costs and maintenance are all essential components of effective asset management and a functional operation. These elements are vital threads that will all be considered and assessed when achieving the overall business strategy.

It is important to grasp that risk management is crucial: it enables asset owners and operators to be innovative and to focus resource and budget on critical areas of the business. Risk management, like all management, must be performed efficiently and effectively in order to deliver desired results. There is no universal, one size fits all approach to risk management, however there are several guides, processes and tools that can be utilized to assist delivering the desired outcome.

To read more about how criticality could help you quantify and manage the cost of loss, and to understand some of the tools available, click here to view the full article.

Using CMMS data as a business case for optimisation


Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) data is a critical and fundamental asset in an organisation. Without good quality and up to date CMMS data, managing safety, risk and operations is nearly impossible.

Many operators openly admit that their CMMS data quality and population is poor, but what they don’t really know is how poor it actually is. In understanding the reality or actual state of your CMMS data, you can pinpoint problem areas and focus resource on fixing these issues. Not only will this enhance your ability to manage safety and operations more effectively, but it will help assure the project yields return on investment because your optimisation is focused enough to make a real difference. 

Click here to see the results from a simple data analysis and benchmarking study that identified high priority corrections for focused optimisation.

If you would like to understand more about the process of a CMMS data review, contact Natalie here.

5 Key Takeaways from OpEx 2017, Houston, Texas

Add Energy sponsored and presented at the 2017 Operational Excellence Conference in Oil and Gas on the 7th of November 2017 in Houston, Texas.

The conference provided a great platform to share experiences, network and identify solutions to common industry issues.

Click here to read more from Add Energy’s perspective on the key discussions and issues which were shared at the event.

To view the presentation given by Stuart Murray, Add Energy’s Technical Manager, please click here.

CLAIM: Your 20% Discount Code for the 2017 OpEx and Risk Management Summit - London

Add Energy have signed as the associate sponsor for the Operational Excellence and Risk Management Summit in London on the 10-12th of October 2017.

AL-LinkedIn_Size_Image-Link - OpExLondon2.png

Amongst a pool of industry leaders specialising in Operational Excellence and Risk Management,  Peter Adam, Add Energy’s EVP of Asset and Integrity Management, will be presenting a case study on “How to Ensure Return on Investment (ROI) at a time when you need it most”. During this presentation, Peter will discuss common issues that he has identified to be linked to poor asset management and offer strategic solutions for optimization based on ROI and quick wins.

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DISCOUNT CODE: Add Energy sign as Associate Sponsor for OpEx Calgary 2017

The Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit returns to Calgary’s BMO Centre, this June 5-7 and will bring over 200 Heads of OE, Operations, Assets and HSE to discuss eliminating inefficiencies, managing operational risk and building a sustainable culture of operational excellence.

Add Energy is proud to be the associate sponsor for the 2017 Opex Calgary summit and as official event sponsors we’re delighted to offer a 20% discount* on your conference pass. Simply quote promo code ADDENERGY20 when registering online at http://bit.ly/2q5Ltba.

To find out more about the event, download the full agenda at the official website opexsummit.iqpc.com.

Learn from over 40 industry innovators and change makers how to:

  • Balance cost, performance and risk to keep your people safe and your operations productive

  • Increase risk visibility by optimizing data and information management

  • Detect whether your work environments, systems and culture are increasing the likelihood of a risk occurring

  • Improve your management system to better identify - and eliminate - sources of risk and value loss in your operations

  • Enhance project performance and create standardization across projects

  • Strengthen your core operating processes - including process and human safety, environmental performance and compliance - to drive enterprise transformation

  • Maintain asset integrity in today’s volatile economic and regulatory environment

*Please note this offer applies to standard rates and is available to in house industry professionals only.

Date: 05.06.17 - 07.06.17
Location: BMO Centre |Calgary, AB



Add Energy delivers successful Maintenance Build Project in line with Norsok Z-008

Add Energy were contracted to deliver a complete asset integrity management solution for a new build semi-submersible drilling facility, with a primary aim of providing total assurance that equipment is safe and productive.

Working with our client in the design and commissioning phase of the project meant that Add Energy were able to input into the development of the foundation data, a fundamental aspect which is critical to achieving optimal performance.

The project saw Add Energy deliver a fully comprehensive asset register and technical hierarchy, equipment criticality assignment, a library of optimised maintenance strategies, maintenance task list databases and 5 year PM schedule. All of which were delivered in the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) upload templates for direct loading into the CMMS.

The build covered over 35,000 equipment tags and was executed remotely by Add Energy’s team in Aberdeen, taking only 6 months to complete.

Click here to view Asset Maintenance Build - Case Study

Click here to view Asset Maintenance Build - Case Study