Automated and real-time asset tracking, that cuts costs and maximizes productivity

An award-winning automated change management software, utilizing RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track, and manage mobile and critical assets in the most effective and efficient way possible.

From warehouses and operating assets, to hospitals and equipment rental companies, at the click of a button AssetVoice™ can provide real-time intelligence, notifications and alerts around: 

  • Asset’s current location and location history
  • Asset specifications (name plate data, classification, functional location, name, age, gender, etc.)
  • Reliability, maintenance, inspection and medical data and history
  • Upcoming asset requirements such as testing, certification or maintenance
  • Associated spare parts, BoMs or assets
  • Asset financial accounting and cost centres
  • Stock in warehouses and associated information
  • Adherence to quality assurance processes

How can AssetVoice™ help you?

  • AssetVoice™ is compatible with any CMMS, ERP or EAM so that changes are automatically updated in real-time
  • Meet your objectives with less effort by relying on automation
  • Ensure your asset register is kept up to date and accurate
  • Be alerted on asset movement to track your most valued assets in real-time
  • Be notified on critical equipment requirements, e.g. when maintenance work is due, or certification is due to expire
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases of inventory you already have in stock
  • Be alerted on inventory levels to assure you always have enough stock
  • Reduce workload and human induced error associated with master data updates and change
  • Make informed decisions using up-to-date and accurate data
  • Understand the status of your assets and where they are located, anywhere, at any time
  • Have immediate access to key information relating to assets, such as certification and technical specifications
  • Track and manage costs associated with tagged assets

How AssetVoice™ Works

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Asset existence is verified and tagged with RFID or barcode tags
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Tracking locations are set up. This can include a warehouse, asset, zone, building, room, vehicle, etc
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“Gate” readers and scanners are installed in the locations to capture movement
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The AssetVoice™ software is set up and customized based on the client requirements and specifications (e.g. notifications, alerts, maintenance)
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If required, AssetVoice™ can be linked to the CMMS or ERP utilizing integration middleware technology so users can enjoy automated management of change that is cascaded through to the CMMS/ERP
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Companies can now efficiently and effectively track, monitor and manage assets throughout their lifecycle and enjoy all the associated benefits

Innovative asset tracking software, unlocking efficiencies across applications

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Efficiently locate and manage critical assets to assure readiness
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Optimize production whilst safeguarding quality assurance
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Gain real time intelligence on the locations of your most critical and valued assets
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Succeed in customer service, by assuring assets are where they should be, at all times


By registering your interest in AssetVoice™, you can:

  • Book a demo of the software

  • Get more details about the software and hardware solutions

  • Receive ongoing insights and advice for asset tracking and labelling initiatives