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The BOP and its associated well control equipment is the single most important item of safety equipment installed on a drilling rig. In the event of the failure of this equipment the results could be catastrophic and may lead to loss of life, adverse impact on the local environment and severe cost implications for the operator.

It is therefore extremely important that all well control equipment is maintained, inspected, certified and tested to ensure it is capable of providing the required level of protection throughout its operational life.

How we can help

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What we do

  • Review of WCE documentation, certification and preventive maintenance systems
  • Witness inspection and testing of:
    • Surface and subsea BOP stacks
    • BOP control systems
    • Marine riser systems
    • Choke & kill systems
  • Witness commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Perform GAP analysis : WCE equipment specifications vs. API/NORSOK/regulations
  • HPHT and deep water suitability check
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What you get

  • Comprehensive final report summarizing work performed, including risk assessed findings and recommendations, along with detailed checklists containing the specifics and pictures
  • Certificate of Witness verifying that the equipment complies with the requirements set by the Client owner and/or local authorities, international standards and legislation
PSA, Facilities Regulations Section 49 Well Control Equipment

Well control equipment shall be designed and capable of activation such that is ensures both barrier integrity and well control

API RP 53 - SPE23900

Drilling a well using BOP equipment can prove to be hazardous and costly. Equipment deterioration can result in less than desired BOP performance, leading to injury or death, loss of equipment and environmental disruption. A study indicates one in five blowouts is a direct result of BOP equipment malfunction or failure.

Energy Institute Model Code of Safe Practice Part 17 vol 2

Safe and efficient conduct of drilling operations can only be achieved with correctly specified equipment of the appropriate standard

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