Well Integrity Management

Eliminate well integrity risks to protect your people, the environment, and your business

Preventing uncontrolled fluid or gas releases from offshore and onshore oil and gas, geothermal and Co2 wells

As a combined entity with AGR, we enable well operators to safeguard integrity across the entire lifecycle of a well, from design and construction to decommissioning and abandonment.

Our seasoned well integrity experts can be deployed to deliver technical, organizational, and operational well integrity management solutions, ranging from independent assessments, examinations, and investigations to procedure authoring and upskilling of your people.

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Well integrity management explained

Effective well integrity management

A subsurface well is a pressure container that must be strong enough and well managed to effectively contain the fluids and gases that are stored in it or passed through it, throughout its operating life

Implementing appropriate well barriers and understanding all possible risks that could result in loss of containment will protect life, the environment, and your business.

It is critical to utilize technical, organizational, and operational well integrity management tactics in combination to successfully safeguard the integrity of your well – installing the best well integrity hardware in the world as a prevention tactic alone will not suffice.

Well integrity management tactics

Technical solutions

The deployment of physical objects that make up a well, for example, blowout preventer, wellhead, tubulars, cement, packers, with related minimum performance requirements.

Operational solutions

How we qualify, utilize, and monitor these physical objects during operations. For example, regular testing of blowout preventers and safety valves to assure they function as per their design and performance standard criteria. It also covers how to conduct an operation – for instance an inflow test of a liner lap or contingency procedures relating to degradation or in event of loss of well integrity. 

Organizational solutions

To ensure the technical and operational prevention tactics work together, we need competent people and organizational structures backed up with supportive management, systems, and tools.

How we can help

Identify and eliminate risk

Identify and eliminate risk

Identify where well integrity is at risk of being compromised and put mitigation measures in place to mitigate an uncontrolled release through access to independent assessment and advice

Assure compliance

Assure compliance

Implement a robust Well Integrity Management System to assure compliance with international and local well integrity and safety regulations, standards, and legislation

Safeguard production and purpose

Safeguard production and purpose

Avoid an uncontrolled release of fluids or gas into the environment by ensuring your people are skilled and competent to manage technical and operational well barriers

Enhance well barrier management

Enhance well barrier management

Implement lessons learned derived from independent technical investigation of well barrier management failures to prevent incident reoccurrence

Our solutions

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Well Integrity Management System

Development or enhancement of a complete well integrity management system that is compliant with applicable standards, regulations, and legislation

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Well Integrity Assessment

Our experts perform technical, operational, and organizational integrity assessments of the well barriers and their components in order to categorize the wells and identify risk mitigation requirements

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Well Integrity Investigation

Our team of specialists conduct thorough technical investigations of well integrity breaches and incidents to identify the root cause of the release or compromised well, and provide recommended improvements to technical, operational and organization well barriers to prevent incident recurrence

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Ad-hoc Advisory, Specialist Support and Consultancy

Add Energy provides subject matter experts and specialists to work as integrated members of our client’s teams, in the office, on site or through remote support working. This solution has been designed to provide any additional manpower or skills required to deliver well integrity management programs, offer expert advisory and independent assessment whilst enhancing the competency of your workforce

Our credentials and results

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Through the delivery of well integrity management systems, blowout contingency planning, well control support and incident investigation of over 3000 wells worldwide, we incorporate decades of lessons learned and experience into our solutions

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We have experience of delivering solutions to some of the world’s most complex, remote, and big bore wells with different operational purposes, ranging from oil and gas wells to geothermal and CO2 storage wells

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Our team of well integrity management specialists are led by a seasoned well integrity guru, chairman and co-author of the world-class NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity Standard – assuring excellence and governance in everything we do

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We have over 30 years of experience in delivering well integrity management solutions to onshore and offshore wells across the globe utilizing established and reliable processes and procedures


“An independent review is valuable for all operators, but especially for small operators. It provides positive input to the Drilling Program, Application for Consent and Audits from Authorities and License Partners.”

- Drilling Manager, Norway