Achieving plant performance and production excellence

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Automate processes to cut costs and maximize equipment uptime and spares availability.

AssetVoice™ is the award-winning asset tracking and management of change that utilizes RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track, and manage mobile and critical equipment and spare parts in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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At the click of a button AssetVoice™ can provide real-time tracking, intelligence, and analytics about anything you need to know, including but not limited to:

  • Current states and locations of equipment
  • Notifications on condition changes
  • Inventory levels and alerts for procurement requirements and stock replenishment
  • Accurate asset and associated information and specifications
  • Repair, inspection and location data and history
  • Adherence to procedures and processes using checklists
  • Track unexpected asset movements
  • Other bespoke needs and requirements
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How AssetVoice™ can help

Maximize Production

Maximize Production

Minimize exposure to risks that could impact production such as spares availability and delays in maintenance to meet your production targets
Save Money

Save Money

Eliminate risk of overstocking through real-time automated and controlled triggers for re-ordering requirements based pre-defined maximum stock levels
Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Access real-time accurate information and minimize unproductive time spent searching for equipment and associated data by having access to everything you need at your fingertips
Assure Management of Change

Assure Management of Change

Execute laborious management of change procedures to unlock business effectiveness through use of automated workflows
Adhere to Processes and Procedures

Adhere to Processes and Procedures

Utilize notifications and the ability to instantly update information to streamline and enforce compliance to your processes
Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Gain access to accurate and reliable data and information in relation to your assets to make informed decisions and assure the correct replacements are ordered with the correct specifications

Watch AssetVoice™ in action


By registering your interest in AssetVoice™, you can:

  • Book a demo of the software
  • Get more details about the software and hardware solutions
  • Receive ongoing insights and advice for asset tracking and labelling initiatives