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Maintenance Review and Improvement Strategy

Project goal

To review the clients existing CMMS (SAP) data and recommend improvement opportunities designed to optimize the client’s maintenance management regime through enrichment of the master data, better utilization of SAP functionality and optimization of maintenance and materials allocation.


Chemicals Producer


Olefins & Polymers production plant


3 weeks



The challenge

As an existing operating production plant built over 20 years ago, the accuracy and completeness of the CMMS data required to manage the plants maintenance, integrity, and materials was inaccurate, unstructured, and missing critical data points.

The client’s objectives

  • To obtain a quantification of the missing and inaccurate data to understand the extend of the issues and justify a budget to fix the data concerns
  • To upgrade their existing plant work management system after recognizing that the CMMS (SAP) functionality was not being utilized to its full capacity
  • To assure efficient use of the maintenance teams time and materials
  • To have accurate criticality rankings allocated to equipment to correctly prioritize maintenance and spares decisions
  • To assign maintenance work orders at an equipment level to allow for future analysis and optimization of bad actors
  • To assign spare parts (Bill of Materials – BoMs) to tagged equipment and link them to maintenance tasks
  • To hold the optimized level of spare parts in stock to assure critical spares are available on demand and avoid overstocking and wasted expenditure

What we did

  1. Extracted a sample of SAP data into our CMMS data build, analysis, and management software – Effio™
  2. Conducted an initial review of the master base data, maintenance allocation and materials assignment
  3. Reviewed the functional location hierarchy (asset register) and extracted data from P&IDs to determine accuracy
  4. Facilitated an interactive criticality workshop using Effio™ to determine criticality, log decisions and determine rulesets for future allocation
  5. Analyzed the maintenance and materials allocation within the sample data set
  6. Identified maintenance and materials optimization improvements opportunities for where we identified discrepancies against best practice
  7. Reviewed how the maintenance team were utilizing the functionality of the SAP system and the structure of the dataset
  8. Conducted a cost benefit analysis to determine the projected value of the improvement’s vs effort required to make the changes proposed
  9. Facilitated a final workshop to deliver the proposed improvement actions and roadmap based on the projected return on investment (ROI)

The value we delivered:

Case study graphics

An actionable and prioritized improvement roadmap, benchmarked against industry best practice and recommended by subject matter expert consultants and CMMS data analysts

E PAV Case study 4

Developed criticality rulesets and allocation guidance for efficient and effective equipment type assignment and criticality assessment and allocation

E PAV Case study 5

Through the delivery of two remote workshops facilitated by Add Energy consultants, a clear optimization decision was able to be made and mutually agreed, providing clear direction and buy in for the key stakeholders involved

Project benefits:

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Understanding of data gaps

A clear understanding of where the data gaps existed in the CMMS and where to spend time and effort on enrichment of data for the most ROI

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Clarity of data dependencies

Helped the client gain a clearer understanding of how to determine criticality effectively and the impact this has on the management of their plant

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Value realization

Identified where to implement low effort and high value improvements and when to use tactics such as RCM to maximize investments and ROI

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Optimized budget

Justified where the client should focus their budget by improving the data, functionality of their CMMS and identifying where inefficiencies existed

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The means to minimize downtime

Through advice on how to link materials/spare parts to equipment tags and maintenance, this will ensure critical spares are available on demand and help the client avoid overstocking and wasted expenditure

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Established strategy

Improved the maintenance team’s awareness of the maintenance optimization tactics available to them through a 3rd party review

Software used

Add Energy’s CMMS data analysis and management software, Effio™ and our maintenance benchmarking tool, Aim-Hi™ were used by the project team to deliver this project:

Key Image Effio


Effio™ is a cloud-based tool that can replicate our clients CMMS environment and provides a user friendly, collaborative, and accessible platform for analyzing and enriching CMMS data, assigning criticality and allocating maintenance and materials to equipment tags efficiently, consistently, and accurately.

AL Image Software Aim Hi Screenshot Mockup v2


Using Aim-Hi™, Add Energy’s consultants were able to quickly identify areas of where opportunities for optimization, cost rationalization and resource maximization existed across the maintenance regime.

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