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Development of an asset management and maintenance program

Project goal

To develop an efficient asset management and maintenance program designed to assure safety and reliability of the assets


Drilling contractor


5 months


North America


The challenge

  • A lack of maintenance history was available across all assets, causing difficulties in identifying opportunities to improve reliability
  • Relying on poorly populated OEM maintenance strategies that did not account for the operating environment or take crew capabilities into consideration
  • The CMMS (SAP) was missing core asset register data which was required to manage the assets effectively
  • A lack of quality maintenance procedures
  • Poorly implemented performance standard assurance tasks into the maintenance regime, exposing the asset to increased risk
  • Inefficient maintenance planning and scheduling
The challenge

What we did

To address the known issues affecting the effectiveness of the asset management and maintenance program, Add Energy conducted the following work tasks:

  • Physical asset verification (PAV) of each drilling rig, covering over 6000 functional locations (tags)
  • Update and enrichment of the asset register
  • Criticality assessment and update
  • Preventative maintenance benchmarking exercise, using Add Energy’s maintenance library to determine opportunities to optimize maintenance
  • Embedment of assurance tasks into the preventative maintenance schedule
  • Creation of Bill of Materials (BoMs) for high critical equipment
  • Packaging, suppression, routing, and load leveling of the maintenance schedule with newly updated preventative maintenance work orders

What we found during the project

  • 42% of the tags were missing from the asset register
  • Inaccurate criticality rankings, including high critical equipment being identified as low critical and insufficient maintenance being assigned
  • 0% of the equipment had BoMs assigned causing difficulties in identifying the right spare parts for maintenance or failures
  • Missing critical maintenance work orders for high critical equipment
  • Lack of quality maintenance procedures
  • A high maintenance burden which was deemed unachievable and unrealistic to execute with the existing maintenance resources available
  • A highly inefficient maintenance schedule with a lack of packaging, suppression, routing, and load leveling
  • Assurance tasks were missing from the maintenance and inspection program

The value we delivered

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program 4

The client now has assurance that what is on site is reflected accurately in the CMMS and can therefore be managed appropriately to mitigate risk, assure reliability, and optimize costs

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program 3

Safety critical elements are being managed appropriately to mitigate risk and assure compliance with performance standards and legislation

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program 5

The ability to increase reliability through optimized preventative maintenance, enabling the asset team to intervene at the right time, to avoid known failure modes

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program 2

The BoMs delivered will help reduce equipment downtime, maintenance backlog and ensure the right spares are purchased to avoid unnecessary expenditure

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program

Reducing the requirement to take equipment offline multiple times through the optimization of the maintenance schedule (packaging, suppression, routing, and load leveling)

Case study Development of an asset management and maintenance program 1

Through optimal usage of valuable resources and time, achieved through an optimized preventative maintenance schedule, assuring the right maintenance was done at the right time, with the right materials, no more no less

Software used to deliver the project

AL e PAV Computer Mockup


A data collection tool used for the PAV, designed to reduce time by and improve accuracy when verifying and collecting equipment data

AL Image Software Effio Screenshot Mockup


A CMMS build software offering a faster, more efficient, and effective way to manage and update maintenance and materials data

AL Image Software Aim Hi Screenshot Mockup v2


A maintenance benchmarking and analysis tool designed to optimize maintenance expenditure and asset performance

CMMS Data Build Key Images23

Maintenance strategy library

A comprehensive library of best-in-class maintenance strategies and procedures designed to facilitate the process of maintenance strategy creation or update

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