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Efficiently build accurate and manufacturer verified equipment and maintenance BoMs.

Save money, reduce risk and unlock inventory management efficiencies

OptiBoM™ is a comprehensive library of bill of materials (BoMs) data, offering direct access to the critical equipment data you need to order the correct spare parts.

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How OptiBoM™ can help:

Reduce equipment downtime

Reduce equipment downtime

Assure you have the data you need to order the correct part in a timely manner to reduce outage time

Rationalize maintenance expenditure

Rationalize maintenance expenditure

Assure you have access to the correct spare parts to execute the maintenance task or replacement requirement efficiently

Eliminate time and money wastage

Eliminate time and money wastage

Have access to accurate and reliable data to avoid wasting time searching for the parts you need or wasting money purchasing the wrong parts

Remove capital tied up in unnecessary stock

Remove capital tied up in unnecessary stock

Gain clarity on the spare parts you require and how many you need to avoid tying capital up in surplus stock

Challenges you may face

  • We do not have the time available to verify and assign BoM data to our equipment
  • We waste money purchasing the wrong spares
  • We don’t know the part specifications for equipment that have been upgraded and changed out
  • Spare parts are being sourced through “free text” requests, resulting in the wrong parts being ordered
  • Our inventory costs are extremely high, and we have no way of understanding how to rationalize them
  • No understanding of equipment that is obsolete, or foresight on upcoming obsolescence
  • Poor base data in the asset register, including missing or inaccurate make, model, and manufacturer information
  • The asset register does not reflect reality, we have limited visibility of equipment on the asset and therefore the spares required
  • Spare parts in the CMMS have not been verified as “correct” with the manufacturers
  • We have no visibility on what is in stock vs what we need to stock

Value we can deliver

  • Hassle-free BoM data enrichment and development
  • OEM BoM data validation and verification, including replacements for obsolescence
  • A FREE BoM data enrichment business case calculator to communicate the costs associated with missing BoMs and the projected ROI of a BoM data improvement project
  • A pay per line service where BoMs that exist in our library and are generated into CMMS load files, providing a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to BoM data enrichment
  • Min/max stock level setting recommendations
  • Advice on how to rationalize your materials inventory
  • Identification on cost saving opportunities through identification of interchangeability options to optimize spares holding

Our results

  • Saved $74M on supply chain and maintenance costs through BoM data enrichment
  • Identified over $19M worth of unnecessary stock through an initial BoM data review
  • Provided the means to rationalize the spares inventory by 37% through BoM data enrichment
Our results

Watch how OptiBoM™ can help you

How we deliver BoM data excellence

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BoM data mapping

Utilizing our established relationships with manufacturers and vendors, manual sourcing through OptiBoM™ provides a cost-effective and time efficient solution to obtaining spare part data that is critical for ensuring the correct spare is ordered.

This solution enables BoM data to be instantly populated, enabling efficiencies and gains to be unlocked quicker.

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Add Energy led

Where BoMs cannot be directly mapped from OptiBoM™, Add Energy’s team of engineers and materials specialists can source and verify BoM data on our client’s behalf.  

Utilizing our expert relationships with manufacturers and vendors, manual sourcing through OptiBoM™ provides a cost-effective and time efficient solution to obtaining spare part data that is critical for ensuring the correct spare is ordered.


“By having up to date and accurate maintenance BoMs, the maintenance team can efficiently identify the right spare parts, with the correct specifications to execute the maintenance tasks. This has helped reduce equipment outage time, backlog, and expenditure associated with part sourcing.”

Maintenance Manager, Energy Producer

Add Energy is both an IBM Silver Business Partner and an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

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