Get the insights you need to optimize maintenance expenditure and asset performance

Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based maintenance analytics and benchmarking tool

Aim-Hi™ provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPIs and the plant’s maintenance management regime, helping maintenance personnel to identify areas of underperformance and discover opportunities for optimization.

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The value Aim-Hi™ can deliver

Understand how your asset performance compares to best practice

Understand how your asset performance compares to best practice

Benchmark your asset performance against assets within your organization or against Aim-Hi™’s library of industry asset performance data to identify areas for optimization

Enhance your understanding of performance gaps

Enhance your understanding of performance gaps

Make sense of big data and efficiently identify what is causing underperformance of your KPI’s to discover possible improvement and optimization opportunities

Optimize time and expenditure

Optimize time and expenditure

Assure you do the right maintenance, on the right equipment, with the right materials, no more – no less

Reduce equipment downtime

Reduce equipment downtime

Enhance your maintenance management regime to ensure your maintenance is effectively mitigating against known failures

Challenges you may face

  • Limited visibility of the maintenance burden and associated costs
  • You have a lean or reduced maintenance budget and are unsure where to prioritize investment for assurance of a return on investment
  • Corrective maintenance continually breaks into the planned maintenance schedule
  • Manipulating spreadsheets and data for review and analysis is time consuming and unreliable
  • An inability to quickly identify risk, understand why it has emerged and put actions in place to mitigate it
  • A lack of understanding of what best practice maintenance management looks like

How Aim-Hi™ can help

  • Identify and prioritize tangible improvement opportunities and focus effort and budget to enhance performance
  • Efficiently navigate through data to quickly understand why and where inefficiencies and increasing risk profiles exist
  • Rationalize maintenance expenditure by ensuring you do the right maintenance, at the right time, no more – no less
  • Understand how your performance and maintenance regime compares to plants within your organization or against industry best practice (peers)
  • Use data to facilitate and justify the business case for maintenance and engineering changes and associated funding
  • Optimize your maintenance schedule to mitigate risk through visibility of threats
  • Eliminate time wastage and human error associated with manual data processing and manipulation to assure data integrity to make informed decisions

Proven results using Aim-Hi™

  • Saved over $1,700,000 on annual planned maintenance by optimizing the frequency of existing maintenance activities
  • Saved $18.5M per year through benchmarking and optimization of planned maintenance to align with industry best practice
  • Enhanced production uptime by 4% through improvement initiatives identified by Aim-Hi™
Proven results using Aim-Hi™

Watch how Aim-Hi™ can help you

Aim-Hi™ features

Maintenance KPI Dashboard

Maintenance KPI Dashboard

A real-time, interactive KPI dashboard designed for maintenance teams to visualize compliance against your own business KPIs relating to maintenance management and asset performance.

The Aim-Hi™ KPI dashboard can;

  1. Provide a weekly or daily view of KPIs using customizable dashboards based on individual role or business requirements
  2. Help navigate through data displays to understand why you are uncompliant
  3. Focus your team on implementing improvements to improve KPI compliance
Maintenance Strategy Benchmarking

Maintenance Strategy Benchmarking

A powerful benchmarking functionality that effectively analyzes your own maintenance strategy application, frequencies, and man hours to help identify opportunities for optimization.

The Aim-Hi™ maintenance benchmarking feature can:

  1. Benchmark maintenance against operating plants within your own business and common equipment types 
  2. Benchmark your maintenance against Add Energy’s library of best practice maintenance 
  3. Identify optimization and improvement opportunities for your maintenance strategy application
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"Gaining access to such insights at the click of a button, enables business to be more efficient by focusing on fixing issues, rather than manipulating data and spending excessive time investigating the reasons behind under performance."

Business Solutions Architect, CHP Power Plant

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