Unlock performance improvements opportunities, optimise costs and assure integrity of your facility

Our award winning software has been designed to help asset stakeholders and maintenance teams to achieve their desired results in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

Through decades of consulting and delivery of maintenance and asset performance improvement programs, Add Energy has significantly invested into the research and development of a suite of asset management and optimisation software solutions, which have been built in house and in collaboration with academia and industry.

Maintenance Optimization

Uncover performance improvement opportunities, ensure reliability and rationalise maintenance costs

Asset Audit and Verification

Collect and validate critical data required to enhance asset performance and assure integrity

Inventory Management Optimization

Save money and reduce equipment downtime through an optimised spare parts inventory

RFID Asset Tracking

Track and manage your assets in real time to optimise expenditure and assure reliability

Featured Result

Using the insights derived from Aim-Hi™, this operator was able to save over $1.7M in their planned maintenance regime by benchmarking their own maintenance strategies against best practice data available in Aim-Hi™.

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