Software solutions

Solving problems and enhancing experiences through the development of innovative technology

Add Energy's innovation team strives to design technology solutions to help businesses drive performance and minimize risk

Our suite of award-winning software has been designed to improve the interface between people and data, harnessing machine learning and industry 4.0 to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

The value our software delivers

Business Efficiencies

Harnessing technology and data to unlock opportunities to save time and money

Production and Profitability

Gaining access to the insights required to optimize performance and mitigate non-productive time

Safety Assurance

Using analytics and insights to help businesses identify and mitigate risk

Environmental Protection

Channelling data insights to make informed decisions to reduce the environmental impact of operations


"Gaining access to such insights at the click of a button, enables business to be more efficient by focusing on fixing issues, rather than manipulating data and spending excessive time investigating the reasons behind under performance."

Aloysius Peters, Business Solutions Architect, Uniper

Our software solutions are applicable to the following sectors

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Oil and gas
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Energy transition
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Power generation & renewables
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Service companies
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Our commitment to research and development

As a consultancy and engineering firm delivering solutions to businesses in the energy sector and beyond, we are uniquely positioned to gain access to insights to shared challenges plant operators and businesses face, enabling us to research, design and develop software that is capable of solving real-world industry challenges.

We work in collaboration with industry and academia to assure our solutions are at the forefront of technology. Our affiliates include:

  • University of Salford

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership

  • Innovate UK

  • Step Change for Safety

  • Uniper

2021 Headshot peter Adam

“Working with the University of Salford has enabled us to develop new products and strengthened our R&D processes to create reliable and sustainable software solutions for our clients.”

Peter Adam, Peter Adam, EVP, Add Energy

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